Review – Grave Before Shave Viking Blend & Bay Rum Beard oil

Grave Before Shave – One of the best quotes there is!

I got this Grave Before Shave Beard Pack from their website, ready made, which was perfect for me, since I was looking for something extra, something ready to go. The Beard Pack included two beard oils, Viking Blend and Bay Rum. A switchblade comb and a Pine Tar soap. Oh, and a beer can holder! I will write a standalone review on the Pine Tar soap soon.

Something that stands out with these Grave Before Shave beard oils is the logos/prints on them. Awesome looking bearded skulls, one a pirate and the other one a viking in a helmet. Great stuff!

The consistency and look on both of the oils are about the same. Both oil are clear and thin. The bottles comes with a dripper which greatly improves application, you just get a few drops sucked up in the glass dripper and voilá. The oils are easily absorbed in my beard and skin. And by skin I mean hands, it’s almost like I can go on without washing my hands, and thats a great thing for me, because that means you can apply this oil on the go, and don’t having to wash your hands.

I was trying to find a list of ingredients on the bottles, but they are pretty much text free, so I went to the website, and I found this: Tea Tree Oil, Pure Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, some essential oils. 

VikingBlendGrave Before Shave Viking Blend Beard Oil

On the website it says that the “Viking Blend Beard Oil has no added scent, only the mild aroma of the all natural ingredients.”. However, smelling the oil straight from the bottle I do feel a distinct scent of peppermint, although when applicating the oil, the scent dissipates pretty quickly and turns in to a almost citrusy scent. It’s nice, it’s subtle and it’s pleasant.

Great if you want a oil that doesn’t smell much, but still let you have a little natural aroma coming off your beard. I don’t know if the peppermint scent is supposed to be there or not, but I still feel it. The Viking Blend is a nice oil, easy going and easy to handle. Great if you’re looking for something to moisturize your beard, but still fly under the radar, scent wise.

BayRumGrave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Oil

Oooh, this is magical, this is good, this is something I really like. The sweet almost drinkable bay rum scent fills my nostrils and I instantly start to crave a drink, my mouth start to water and I’m suddenly thirsty for something good. It sweet, it’s a bit fruity and it smells fantastic.

I sniff and I sniff and I sniff, and I can’t get enough of this oil. I feel warm, loved and a little frisky wearing this oil. The coconutty after scent kicks the pleasure center a little bit more and I almost start to go into some sort of euphoria. This oil smells so good that I want to drink it. I feel clean, fresh, awake and refreshed, I want this scent everywhere. In my beard, on the subway, at work. I love it!

GBS_BEARD_PACKNeedless to say, the Bay Rum beard oil was my complete favorite and it will be a regular in my beard product cabinet. And you know what, this Beard Pack I bought, it’s only 25 USD, it’s a really good price, and I’m actually wondering why you’re still here and not placing an order?!
Here’s a link!

And here’s a picture from the website, this is what you get. A fantastic deal and great products!

• 2 beard oils
• 1 pine tar soap
• 1 switchblade comb


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