Review – Instigator Brand Beard Armor Gasparilla & Ybor Beard oil’s

Shiver me timbeards – I love this!

Instigator Brand Beard Armor Gasparilla & Ybor beard oils!

I had the pleasure to try out Mangrove beard oil from Instigation Beard a long time ago, and I was very impressed. And when I saw that they released two new scents recently, I was so happy. They arrived at my home a few weeks ago, and I’ve been testing them thoroughly from day 1. I was going to write this much earlier, but due to getting a new, more stressful job, and doing radio and newspaper interviews for our World Beard Day event, time wasn’t enough. I do think that was a good thing tho, now I can test them and write a honest review, stress free and in the comfort of my home.

Starting with Ybor, I was instantly amazed by the complexity of this oil, both scent wise and texture. It really absorbs great in to my beard, better then most oils, and it really shows that lot’s of love, care and experimenting have gone in to these oils. The scent kinda hit me like a cannonball, I was instantly taken back to a previous life as a fierce and bearded pirate, sailing the open seas, plundering, looting and striking fear into men, women and children alike.

A scent that reminds me of a damp and full cargo hold filled with loot… gold, spices and of course rum. A scent that really gets my fantasy going. The oil kind of inspires me to write a novel or a book, re-inventing Pirates of the Caribbean almost. The complexity of the scent is mesmerizing, I’m grabbing notes from all over my nose, mind and beard, the damp, they spicy, the fresh and the uplifting qualities. This is something you need to try, and I can promise, that you will love it.

Ybor ingredients:  Almond oil, Avocado oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Rosewood essential oil and fragrances.

The Gasparilla oil from Instigator Brand Beard Armor is really a WOW kind of oil. With it’s fruity and sweet scent it really makes me smile. It got a bay rum scent and if I’m not mistaken, the fragrance is pineapple, it really reminds me of a crisp and sweet pineapple afterscent. Still going on the pirate theme I can see myself on a beach in the Caribbean, gazing at the horizon for enemy ships coming to steal my treasure, all the while I drink from my homemade rum from a pineapple. The scent is so fresh and amazing I wish I could drink it, the sweetness and fruity goes perfect together, and it really feels like all three oils, Mangrove, Ybor and Gasparilla is made with so much love and care, and each other in mind, because they all give me the same feeling, and are really something new and something else.

Gasparilla ingredients:  Almond oil, Avocado oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Bay rum essential oil and fragrances.

Without overdoing it, these oils are in my favorite part of my cabinet of beard products. I really enjoyed them and I’m almost running out of both, which means that I’m gonna order some in the next few day, you should too.

If you want to order these or read more about the oil, do checkout the Instigator Beard websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram

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