Review – Instigator Brand Mangrove beard oil

Instigator Brand sure knows how to make me feel special!

Damn, this packaging is amazing. It comes in a custom printed cardboard box, a foldable box with the Instigator Brand logo printed on it. It’s VERY nice and very professional. Extra points for creativity.Opening the little box brings you another little surprise, inside there’s the beard oil bottle, wrapped in a cloth piece with a little tiny skull guarding it, amazing. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a little wrinkled note wrapped around the separate dripper that comes for the bottle. I won’t tell you what it says on the note, more then its really great, and a very interesting piece of paper. Well, I CAN tell you that on one side, there’s instructions on how to apply the oil, and the other it’s a short informative story, but I leave it up to you buy it and read it yourself!

The packaging made me feel really special and chosen, I can’t believe how amazing it it.

flaskaInstigator Brand’s Mangrove Beard Oil – Holy BEARD… I… I’m… OK, this oil is giving me goosebumps, you might have read in my previous reviews that I’m a sucker for fruity, perfumey scents. Instigator Brand just hit my nail with a huge hammer, or something like that. I feel citrus scents, possibly orange, I feel maybe pineapple?!, it almost remind me of Pina Colada in a way. I actually wore this oil to work, not using any other cologne or perfume, and I felt fresh all day, I re-applied it at the end of the day just before I went home. My girlfriend sniffed me, taking a great big wiff and saying “Omg, that smell, it’s fucking awesome”, and I agree with her, it’s freaking amazing.

The fruity scents really makes me happy, they even put a smile on the pleasure center in my brain, telling me to feed it more, it’s intoxicating and almost hard not to sniff it all the time. Oil wise it’s very… oily, duh. What I mean is that it gets absorbed amazingly in my beard,  almost instantly, and I take more oil then most people, 2-3 drops ain’t enough for me, I need a lot!

The Instigator Brand Beard Armor Mangrove oil contains: Almond oil, Avocado oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Orange essential oil and Fragrance oils.

It comes in 1 oz/30 ml bottles.

Final thoughts:
I think this might be a new favorite oil, scent wise. The scent is so freaking amazing, it’s almost indescribable. I love the oil, my girlfriend love the oil and you will love the oil as well! I’m hoping to be able to give away one of these in the near future, because it’s amazing!

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