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Modern Beard – Stimulate Naked….

I know what you are thinking, you perv, but yeah, so was I! What I mean with the above is that I tried Modern Beard’s “Stimulate” scent beard oil, and their “Naked” beard oil, aka scentless. I got these two sample packs, and unfortunately that ended up in a one time use with each oil, because I have a pretty thirsty beard, that drinks oil from breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Modern Beard – Stimulate – Yeah, this I like, a very crisp and refreshing scent, very citrusy with a aftertaste of sandalwood. The first scent that hits me is the citrus, powerful, crisp, clean, refreshing. After application something happens, the citrus scent lingers on for awhile, but an even more powerful scent arises, and it’s the sandalwood. Citrus and sandalwood go great together, they mix and match like the perfect couple, yet it makes an interesting blend that transforms all the time.

I notice that with every move I make, whether it’s turning my head or jumping up and down, the mix of scents fight for my attention, the citrus breaks through, just enough to be beaten down by the sandalwood, and it goes on like this, it’s a very interesting phenomenon. This is a oil/scent that has to be lived, you kind of have to try it. It’s great. I wish I had more of it.

Modern Beard – Naked – Well, as it says, it’s naked, no scent at all. Great if you’re allergic to strong scents or if you plan on wearing another powerful cologne or perfume but still want a nice and shiny beard.  Something that I notice directly after application is that my beard has soaked up the oil like a flower in the desert, yet my beard stays so amazingly soft and shiny. Without leaving any oily residue.

Final thoughts:
Great oil, it makes my beard very shiny, soft and yet manageable, I do wish I had some more to be able to try it out for a longer period of time. The tester did however give me some pointers on the scent, and that’s a great one. You should really check out Modern Beard if you’re interested. Well worth it!

Check out Modern Beard

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