Review – Nõberu Of Sweden Beard Oils

Nõberu Of Sweden Beard Oils

Written by Hani Alwani
As i promised you guys a couple of days ago, i would keep you updated regarding these marvelous beard care products from Nõberu Of Sweden. This is my review about their Beard oil that comes in 2 different types of oils, Heavy beard oil and Feather beard oil. Remember that you can buy all these products at and

Heavy beard oil (Sandalwood) Points 5/5
As i wrote last time, these guys really, really made it with the fragrance.
The heavy beard oil is just amazing. Your beard will get that luxurious shine and also make your beard feel smoother as you brush it out before putting on that beard wax. It’s also easy to get it of your hands and beard whit just a tiny bit of soap and water. From other beard oils I’ve tried, i noticed that this one keeps the fragrance fresh even at the end of the day. I’m a smoker and i know a lot of bearded people who also smoke will noticed that their beard starts to smell funky after a coupe of cigarettes because of the oil and the beard wax. This oil doesn’t do that.

Feather beard oil (Amber-Lime) Points 4/5
I scored this one 4/5 just because its thinner. That doesn’t have to be negative, its just that I’m used to the heavier kind of beard oils. This is also really easy to wash of your hands and beard, and even if its thinner, the fragrance is still fresh at the end of the day. I also think I’m kind of in love with Amber-Lime this fragrance reminds me of the perfume Acqua di gio, which i use to have on me all the time when i was younger. I think ill use Amber-Lime for this summer.

I’m also using these oils on my hair because they have a lot of good vitamins in them from the different oils that’s mixed up in the ingredients. So these can also be recommended for women hair.
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