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Oil My Beard – NOT Oil My Hands

Oil My Beard came up with a problem solver for oily hands, and I must say, I really like the idea. I for one know first hand about getting my hands oily while applying beard oil, sometimes it’s a mess, sometimes you don’t have access to a sink/water etc, but you still want’s to look awesome and smell like a champion. Oil My Beard solved it… to some extent.

brushOil My Beard – BeardOiler – Citrus – First of all, damn, this citrus scent is amazing. I for one is a complete sucker for lime scents, and this oil combines lime with lemon, bergamot, sandalwood and grapefruit. It gives it this amazing citrus scent, with, what I think, is the Lime in the lead roll. It’s been awhile since I smelled this kind of citrus scent, it’s absolutely lovely, very powerful, very crips, fresh and uplifting. This is a oil that really opens my eyes in the morning, and it smell amazing for hours. It’s got a great texture.

OK, that’s the scent, but how do you apply this oil you ask?
No? Oh, you probably think it’s like any other oil out there, with a dripper? No way, this is something new, something funny, something a little bit out of the ordinary. The BeardOiler is actually oil in a Mascara dispenser. And yeah, before I go any further, this applicator is made for people with shorter beards, about 1-2 cm in length. OR mustaches, it works wonders on my mustache!

I’ve actually had problems with getting oil in my mustache, It’s of course doable to old fashion way, but I tend to get loads of oil in/on my mouth that way, and the BeardOiler is actually great for that!

Won’t the bottle make me look like a girl?
Eh, you have a beard, don’t you? Then you’re safe, and why the hell would you not be able to have a mascara bottle for your beard? The only concern I might have is to mix it up with my girlfriends make-up, a smaller, wider and more bulky bottle, but with the same kind of applicator could solve that. Tho I must say I do like it, it’s really easy applying it to my mustache.


pumpThe oil is available in a more regular pump bottle as well, tho on-demand. It got the same great scent and amazing oil, but it comes in a 1 oz/30 ml pump applicator bottle. Very easy to apply. This is more for you with longer beards tho, because this way, the old fashioned way, you’ll still be able to use this oil like any other, just pump some in your hands and apply.

Final thoughts:
Well, other the the amazing citrus scent, that actually give me goosebumps, there’s not much to say, the oil is great, the consistency is great, the texture is great. It get’s absorbed real easy. And my beard smells amazingly for hours.

If you have a shorter beard, about 1-2 cm, the BeardOiler is a sure thing, you could easily use it, if you got like me, about 20 cm of beard, it’s a bit trickier, if not almost impossible to apply, you should get the regular pump bottle. However, using the BeardOiler in my mustache was great, and very easy, no oil in my mouth anymore.


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