REVIEW – Pricey’s Beard Balms

Original & Sandalwood

I got wind of Pricey’s Beard Balm a few months ago, seeing them pop up here and there. That sparked my interest and they look really nice. Here we are, after a few weeks of testing, feeling and smelling. What do I think? Well, keep reading…

First of all, Pricey’s beard balm come in the standard aluminum cans, the labels are color coded based on scent, which is nice. The Original comes with a blue label and the Sandalwood with a dark orange/red label. Looking at their website there are also a yellow label for lemon and a light orange for…. well orange scent.

Pricey’s write on their website: “Pricey’s Beard Care was started with the goal of creating the finest smelling, beard-softening balms in the business. We wanted to break away from the generic ‘lightly scented’ balms that exist, to provide our customers with beard balms that not only condition and protect, both the beard and skin, but also smell noticeably good!” 

And I must agree, they have captured the scents perfectly, and a lot. The scent lingers on for hours and is pretty strong, but not overpowering.

Sandalwood – The sandalwood scented beard balm is great, truly great. A really woodsy scent with sandalwood and cedarwood that reminds  me of a lumberyard, a deep and dark scent of fresh cut wood. And as for the balm? Well, it’s also great. Perfect hold that keep my beard in place for many hours, and it doesn’t feel sticky. It’s easy to apply, just scrape some up with the back of your thumb or a wax picker. Warm it in the palm of your hand and massage it into your beard, brush or comb through it and you’re set. Style as wanted.

Original – Aaah, there’s nothing like a fresh citrus kick in the pleasure center in the morning. A strong yet pleasant citrus scent, that may be one of the best blends of citrus I’ve tried. Usually they tend to smell too much or not enough, this is perfect. I love it. As for the original, it’s a little bit softer then the other balm, but not in a way that’s very noticeable. My beard still keeps in place for hours, although it is a bit easier to scoop up and apply. This balm makes me go smell my beard all the time, I really like this.

Final thoughts
Pricey’s Beard Balm are really great products, they smell fantastic, are easy to apply and got great hold. They have a awesome old style label and I would urge you all to try these. I wish I could eat the citrus balm, it smells sooo good! And yeah, looking at their website, there is hints of a beard oil and a beard wax as well, and if they are made with the same and loving care as these balms, they are gonna be real winners!

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