Review: Scoop Deluxe Beard Balm

A month ago I won a Beard Balm giveaway on the Facebook page :Beards and the secrets behind them: and yesterday I received my price (yes, the postal service to Sweden isn’t the fastest). A little tin can of Scoop Deluxe Beard Balm made it’s way into my hands all the way from Australia and I was eager to try it out.

I used some of it right away, just to try it out. And the first thing I noticed when opening the jar was… not that much scent. But after I used some of it in my beard the scent came. A nice distinct and pleasant citrusy scent. (I think, my scent skills aren’t top notch). After applying it and going back to my livingroom my girlfriend asked me: “Do you have a new perfume?”

She had noticed the smell right away. Which is good. Texture wise Scoop Deluxe Beard Balm game my beard a nice shine but at the same time keeping it “dry”. It was almost as if my beard sucked it all up like a sponge.

This morning before work I used it again and I was the same thing, a pleasant scent in the morning, a beard that was moldable and somewhat easy to control. Being a dryer beard balm I think I need to use more of it next time, just to get it evenly all through my beard.

A great beard balm that worth trying and it can be found on Scoop Deluxe online store

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Instructions on the back on the jar:
“Scrape a small amount out using the back of a fingernail and place into the palm of your hand, rub between palms until fragrant and warm. Apply to your manly face farm in all directions and comb through gently to create a smooth, shiny, fragrant piece of lady bait.”

100% cosmetic grade organic Western Australian beeswax
100% pure Australian organic hemp oil
100% pure sweet almond oil
100% pure organic virgin coconut oil
100% pure organic argan oil
And various pure essential oils

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