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Scotsman Beard Oil knows their stuff!

Scotsman Beard Oils first saw the light of day after some experimenting and a will to create the best beard care products available. I’m here to figure out if they succeeded and you read it all in my review here.

The oils are very, very light and so easy to apply. My beard soak them up like a sponge. A very good quality in a oil is that it should be easy to apply and not leave your beard feeling oily (even tho it is a oil). Scotsman Beard Oil does that perfectly, I hardly had to wash my hands after application, my beard must have been thirsty! I’m trying 3 different scents from Scotsman Beard Oil and they are, Lime Stone, Sportsmans Club and Timber Glen.

Let’s get started!

Scotsman Beard Oil – Timber Glen – A instant classic I would say. The light cedarwood scent takes me back to my camping days, those days when you and a couple of friends took your tent, a few fishing rods and a sleeping bag, headed out in to the forest and set up camp near a river or a creek. That feeling you get when you just sit there, with your fishing rod, everyones quiet and you just enjoy. Timber Glen is a lightly scented oil with the aroma of the forest. Light cedarwood that wont overpower or interfere with other scents you might be carrying. A good and nice oil.

Scotsman Beard Oil – Sportsmans Club – A sophisticated and complex scent. Lightly scented and with a hint of luxury, male bonding and a afternoon cigar. A hard scent to explain, and I think the name speaks for itself. A fine club for men, filled with cigars, whiskey, old oak furniture and a lifetime of stories. A place were you could learn the history about anything. The Sportsmans Club is also lightly scented, but with a hint of spicyness and heat, a warm and exciting scent. Try it out!

Scotsman Beard Oil – Lime Stone – This was my favorite of the three even before I got them in my hands. After reading a little about and seeing that it’s lightly vanilla scented, I instantly fell for it. I love vanilla. And vanilla with lime, that’s a winner. It reminds me of a cocktail, a perfume a fine restaurant a beautiful kiss and a fantastic life. The lime scent is perfectly balanced with the vanilla, which in some oils can be very overpowering, and is a hard scent to master.  Lime Stone got that vanilla absolutely perfect. This smells so good that I almost want to drink it, and Lime Stone is clearly my favorite of the three, you need to get this one!

Final words:
Both Timber Glen and Sportsmans Club offered pretty nice scents and great oils, they were a pleasant pair of moisturizers for my mane, but the real hero and the oil that stood out where the Lime Stone oil. Fantastic I say. Get it!

ScotsmanCapUpdate: One thing I did NOT like, where the caps on the bottles (check picture). After I wrote this review, I put them away in my travel bag, where I keep my oils, balms and what not. And the caps opened, on all three of them, and all contents spilled out on all my other stuff. And I did not notice it until a week after. A very unfortunate experience, and it’s solely the caps fault, the oils and bottles are great. I just had a problem with the caps.

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