Review: Sir Handlebar Beard Oil

Check out the video below of me using Sir Handlebar Beard Oil!

Yesterday I received a nice little package in the mail, it was a beard oil from a newly started Swedish manufacturer called Sir Handlebar. If the bottle itself wasn’t enough, Sir Handlebar sweetened the deal with a few pieces of candy, I like it a lot! ;)

I go to the gym a lot, about 5 days a week, and I sweat a lot as well. Which means I shower a lot, yes, I shower! Imagine that! No but seriously, sweat, crappy shampoo’s and lot’s of showers have left my beard somewhat dry and needing beard care. Thats where products like Sir Handlebar comes in, there oil’s that smoothens your beard, makes it lush and wonderful. And gives it a amazing smell of course.

Sir Handlebar Beard Oil is made from 100% natural products and consists of apricot oil, hemp seed oil, castor oil and essential oils. The scent is fresh yet powerful and you can’t help taking an extra wiff and a deep breath before applying it to your beard. It clearly smells great.

One thing that Sir Handlebar Beard Oil does that stands out from a lot of other oils is, it doesn’t leave that kind of oily/fat residue on your neck, the oil gets absorbed in to your beard almost instantly, and it stays there, you can almost feel the oils working it’s magic, making your beard fuller, thicker, more lush and great smelling.

To come to a conclusion, Sir Handlebar Beard Oil is great, and I can’t wait to see what scents and products they come up with next, after all, they’ve only been around for weeks!

At the moment, Sir Handlebar is only available in Sweden, and their site is only in Swedish. BUT, if you are interested in buying one, please contact me and I’ll contact Sir Handlebar, in some way we might work something out and get you a bottle across the borders. And if you live in Sweden, what are you waiting for?

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