Review: Sir Handlebar Log Cabin beard oil

Want to go skiing?

Or do you want to stay here and hang out in our cozy log cabin? Thats kind of the feeling you get from Sir Handlebar Log Cabin beard oil. You feel cozy and warm. You can see the fireplace, feel the warmth, and smell the tree’ish scent from the cabin itself. With a clear, crispy and wonderful scent of fresh cut wood and resin.

I just sniff, sniff and sniff this oil, I can’t really stop. I don’t know why, but I can put my finger on it, there is something in this oil that reminds me of something. Something good, something great. I grew up in the northern parts of Sweden and I’m no stranger to the woods, I’ve spent many hours in the woods, playing, chopping, planting and just walking. And I think thats what this oil reminds me of. It smells wonderful. I love it.

I will be giving away one bottle of Sir Handlebar Log Cabin beard oil in a few days, so be sure to follow Ratemybeard on Facebook & Twitter not to miss it.

A word of advice:
If you have a white beard, beware, the Hempseed oil does make the oil colorized and it may show on light beards.

Sir Handlebar beard oil is made in Sweden and is a newly started company. It’s still in it’s startup phase and does not offer international shipping at the moment, but if you really want a bottle, contact me and I’ll contact Sir Handlebar and maybe we can fix something. It’s also Sir Handlebar himself, Stefan, who is on the label of the bottle!

I love this oil, and I bet you would as well.

The ingredients are:
• Apricot oil
• Hempseed oil
• Hazelnut oil
• Castor oil
• Essential oils.

It’s 100% organic and comes in 30 ml/1 oz bottles.

Check out Sir Handlebar on:

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