Review – Space Jam “Pluto” Vape Juice

“Pluto” High VG Vape Juice from Space Jam!

I recently started vaping due to high tobacco costs and health issues like high blood pressure. Vaping seemed like fun and a cheaper way of still getting my daily dose of nicotine, and boy was I right. I really think vaping is my new thing, helping me quit smoking and using “Snus“. Check out that Wikipedia link if you don’t know what Snus is.

I started out by buying a eLeaf iStick Basic. A pretty cheap and in my opinion great machine, it does the trick, and it doesn’t have a lot of settings and so on. Since when writing this I’m a newbie to the vape world, and will probably upgrade my machine in a near future.

Anyway, I stumbled on this vape store just 500 meters from where I work in Stockholm, Sweden, called E-Cigg City. It has a great selection of both machines and juices, so I was really happy finding it.

I purchased a few juices to go with my iStick, and one of those juices was the “Pluto” from Space Jam. Except for the “wow” word, this oil was really nice. I had been trying out some cheeper oil from minor brands before, but they where nothing like this. And I won’t mind spending a bit more on a high quality juice like this one.

The Pluto juice came in a clear bottle, but I saw on their website that they have upgraded the bottle to a neon green, I love it.

Space Jam Pluto High VGThe thing that made my buy it, was the scent. The fruity and delicious scent of watermelon and bubblegum. As soon as I tried it, I said, WOW! This is great. The watermelon really stands out and mix well with the other scents of honeydew and cantaloupe. But the real kicker comes at the end, the subtle hint of minty goodness. It really gives you a smooth and kind of chilling effect in your throat.  It’s fantastic! As with beard oils, I’m a sucker for candy/fruit scents and flavors.

Being a high VG oil, the cloud gets really big, and there no throat hit worth mentioning, just as I like it. I can’t wait to try out their other juices when I get the chance. And if you see the Pluto vape juice, buy it, I bet you will love it.


Want to check out Space Jam’s other vape juices, head on over to their website to see their selection!

You can also head on over to and get your juices from there!

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Space Jam Pluto High VG


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