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Oh, wait, it’s only November. But how, why… Christmas? 

If you every tried The Beard Baron Orient Express you would know, that warm, inviting christmasy scent of the orient, or at least thats how I feel when it breathe in that amazing smell. I feel like I’m hugged by santa, in china, on a mountaintop, with dragons and incense mist all around me while being fed clove spiced mulled wine, all while my smelling senses of my brain gets massaged and tickled.

The Beard Baron Beard Oil ReviewThat might a little bit over the top, but not far from it. Not only does the Beard Baron Orient Express beard oil smell fantastic, it smells amazing. I swear, I woke up this morning and could still feel that scent in my beard from the night before. When I smell this oil a picture pops up in my head, !kinda like these!,

I’m at home with my family, I’m a kid, and we’re all gathered in the livingroom, eating Christmas dinner and watching Donald Duck’s Christmas show on tv, It’s almost time to open all the presents. Mom have decorated oranges with clove, the lights in the tree are lit and there’s tons of candy all around. I’m happy!

I feel cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and so many flavors and scents. It’s a very complex oil with such a strong character, it’s fantastic. Although clove is not one of the ingredients, I still get reminded of clove!

That’s one heck of a picture.

Although I think of Christmas when I smell this oil, I do feel the oriental vibes as well, spices, a deep and relaxing scent that carry you away to fara away lands, it’s almost magical. My beard feels fresh, shiny and healthy, I even got compliments at work that I smelled good, imagine their surprise when I told em it was my beard!

A word of advice though!
Even though the Orient Express smells fantastic and really lifts your spirit, taking a few drops too many will make the scent too powerful and it can be a little bit too much. 5-6 drops is perfect for a, like mine, 16 cm beard. Apply more if needed, but be aware of the the strong scent!

Beard Baron Orient Express Premium Beard Oil contains:
• Jojoba oil
• Argan oil
• Grapeseed oil
• Sweet Almond oil
• Castor oil
• Anise Star
• Fennel
• Cinnamon
• Nutmeg
• Amber

Great beard oil, gives a really nice shine, does not stain and don’t leave a oily residue on your hands and/or neck. Very powerful scent, which is amazing, but can be a bit much if you take too much of it.

Do I recommend it?
Hell yes, buy it, you won’t be sorry!

Last words!
I really, really like this oil. It makes me happy!

Stay tuned for my review on The Beard Baron Mustache Wax coming soon!

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The Beard Baron Beard Oil Review
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