Review: The Beard Baron Orient Express Mustache Wax

And the winner for best packaging is…

The Beard Baron Mustache Wax. For real, this needs and away of some sort, it’s completely genial. I know I haven’t seen any product like this before.

Imagine a chap stick, but with mustache wax, just keep it in your pocket (to make it warmer & softer) bring it out and just smear your mustache with the sweet smelling Orient Express.

On the back of the product it says “Warm wax between fingers and apply to mustache“. However, I felt that just keeping it your pocket is more then enough, and using the wax as a you do with chap stick works wonders.

Although if you are planning on styling your mustache in curls or any other fashion, it might be a good idea to take the mustache wax between your fingers instead. Just to get it the way you want.

The Beard Baron mustache wax Orient Express gives me pretty much the same experience and well-being as their beard oil. More on that can be found here:

Click to read my Beard Baron Beard Oil REVIEW

I feel like I’m hugged by Santa, in china, on a mountaintop, with dragons and incense mist all around me while being fed clove spiced mulled wine, all while my smelling senses of my brain gets massaged and tickled.

That was a short excerpt from my Beard Baron Beard Oil review, please read it for more information on the scent Orient Express.

As for a mustache wax, it’s great. It keeps every single renegade hair in line and gives your mustache a hard and sturdy finish, without looking wet/sticky.

It smells GREAT and the consistency is perfect, not to hard, not to soft.

I still cant let go of how amazing the packaging is, it’s small, convenient and perfect.

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