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Luxurious, great smelling with a attitude!

Yeah, I think that’s about right, and that’s the feeling I get from Wellsy Beard Oil. Specially the 4 bottles I got, original Beard Oil, The Axeman, Queen Annes Revenge & Lycan. Four bottles with attitude and a luxurious feeling that makes an impact. I got these bottles about a month ago, but have been really busy at work and with the website in general that I didn’t come too, to make this review, but the oils have always been in the back of my mind, I knew where they were, I knew that I had them, I knew I wanted to try them. You know how? The bottles, the label and the adorable little skull hanging from the bottles. Style and presentation goes a long way when it comes to these kinds of products. Think about that! :)

The oil’s, created in “Old Blighty” as it says on the bottles, are for you who didn’t know, a slang for Britain, used by soldiers in the trenches during WWI! That’s todays history lesson (And wikipedia answer), let’s move on to the actual review.

oilWellsy Beard Oil – I guess this is the original, as it’s named only “Beard Oil”, it has a woodsy, citrusy & earthy scent. A really pleasurable scent, I have a hard time not smelling it. I think I smell cardamom, or a blend that resembles it, and a hint of citrus that dissipates as it’s applied. An intriguing scent, an uplifting scent, yet soft and comforting, I love it. I almost want to taste the oil.



axemanThe Axeman – Aaah, a classic earthy, deep and relaxing scent. A manly scent, a lumberjack scent (or axeman). I’ve tried quite a few oils with this smokey, earthy scent, but few have been this perfectly balanced, not to overpowering and strong. It’s soothing yet uplifting with hints of wood. A nice scent that’s a classic in the beard oil industry, a scent that every bearded man should have in his arsenal of beard products!



queenQueen Annes Revenge 1717 – Wow, this is a must have! Fruity, sexual yet manly scent. Floral, citrus, maybe orange or clementine, it’s hard to make out the exact scent, but this I really love. It has a sharp top note that kicks the pleasure center HARD! The oil is a complex mix of scents that evolves as it’s applied, it keeps you awake, on your toes and fresh. The crisp and amazing scent is a winner in my book. And I think this is a clear favorite of the four.



lycanLycan  – Oh my, this oil is deep, really deep, when I smell it I almost hit the floor, it’s great. The dark tones lingers in my mind and I can almost see mist creeping in over mossy rocks, the fire I made is almost suffocated by the darkness, I feel safe, I feel protected. The cold stony walls of my cave is my sanctuary. Suddenly, a loud howl in the distance, panic sets in, I begin to run. I’m running, running, running for my life. There’s no one behind me, what am I running from!? It suddenly hit’s me, the smell, the smell of deep, dark and moist woods, a scent that gets my imagination going! Get this one!


All oils contain Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Essential oils and is said to encourage strong, healthy growth and help eliminate split ends!

Final thoughts:
Great smelling oils, I mean really great! I wish I could drink some of them! They have a good consistency and absorbs fine into my beard. I really like these oils, specially Queen Annes Revenger 1717 and the Original Beard Oil, I’m a sucker for cardamom smell, and even if it wasn’t any cardamom in it, something made that smell, and I loved it! You really need to get some of these oils!

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