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I have always been a hairy bastard wearing some style of beard or goatee or something. Even my short time in the military I managed to have a medical exemption from shaving and was one of the few who were allowed to have a regulation beard as a recruit. But the birth of my mustache came from a few inspirations. I was at a burlesque show in September 2012, and a local vaudeville troupe named The Mansfield Brothers were on stage and they each had crazy facial hair. I turned to my roommate, who was quite enamored with one of the burlesque girls and standing next to me, and stated, You know what? I bet I could grow one sweet twisty mustache! We both laughed and I did not think much of it for awhile. Halloween was coming and I decided to be a very iconic bearded individual who also had a waxed mustache, so after enjoying the costume I thought to do this better next year I need to grow my mustache out to really make it look authentic. With the start of movember I shaved down the week old beard and kept my mustache growing. During the first year i trimmed my 4 inches off each side of my stache in an attempt to grow out the middle. Over the span of the year I became a regular in the local burlesque community and got to know The Mansfield Brothers quite well and they thought my mustache should be part of the family. It took the following Halloween to truly decide on my name. I was out as Snidely Whiplash and it was decided it was far too fitting to let go, I had to be Snidely Mansfield. The Movember of 2013 was a fun one, it was when I decided to stop trimming the stache and set the goal of competing in 2015 in Austria. Later that month a very talented local band by the name of Jack Pine and The Fire were shooting a music video for their song, Mustache is king, and asked me to be in it with a few other beardos, it was a lot of fun and started getting me more active in the local bearding group, The Ottawa Facial Hair Club. It was a great year with a new beautiful and amazing girlfriend and a fantastic stache. I started getting interested in the competitions going on in the States through the year and got myself a ticket to the Portland event with the encouragement of the awesome MJ Johnson. I took first place for English Mustache at the event, it was quite exciting. Then @OttawaFHC hosted our very first competition here I Canada’s capital, and it was a wonderful success and raised money for some great causes. Now with Austria coming up in October I am really looking forward to this new adventure and finally reaching my goal. I have been very fortunate for all of the opportunities, conversations and friendships that have come because of this facial hair. Since the win I have had many pictures taken of me, but there is one photographer who has helped us beardos in town out most, she owns Pole Star Photography and she is the one who took this lovely photo (above). Thanks for reading and beard on. I am from Ottawa Ontario Canada and Part of the Ottawa Facial Hair Club. Add me on Facebook as Snidely Mansfield and on Twitter as @SnidelyMan

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