Sometimes you swing and miss!

Yes, I always thought the quote “Grave Before Shave” was just that, a random beard quote, since it’s used so frequently in the beard community, apparently it’s not! It’s a registered brand and I accidentally stepped on some toes by doing a “Grave Before Shave” t-shirt.

ScreenIt came to my knowledge from a good friend of mine, Patrick, who run the page The Dutch Beard And Moustache Association, he’s a member of the page “GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Beard and Mustache club” on Facebook, and saw a person posting a screenshot of my post about the T-shirt. 

That was the first time I ever got to know about the “Grave Before Shave” brand, and as I’m not a member my self, I cannot answer! But here’s the deal, I honestly did not know it was a registered brand! I actually thought it was just a quote. And as a sign of good will and as the law abiding citizen I am, I removed the text from my shirt. And I didn’t sell a single one. I’m glad it came to my attention before I did.

And to be fair, “Grave Before Shave’s” designs are much better then mine! :) Once again, I’ truly sorry if I stepped on any toes, I did not mean to! I just run because I love beards, and everything around em! And I like to think that there’s enough beards to go around for everyone!

So, I hope this sorts things out and we can focus on BEARDS again, I heard there were some disputes in the Grave Before Shave Facebook group, I hope this post solves it and that we can all be friends!

Check out Grave Before Shave 

As for ripping of Incredibeards sugar skull design? Naa, sugar skulls have been around for ages, so has bearded sugar skulls. Sure I looked at a few to get inspiration, but mine is not in anyway near a resemblance to Incredibeards!

Remember, I run Ratemybeard by myself, I hardly make any money on it, barely enough to pay server costs. It’s just a hobby and a way to hopefully give something back to the community with my reviews, beard stores & giveaways. :)

Let’s all be friends and unite in BEARDS!

beardskullAnyway, I removed the text, but I’m still selling the Bearded skull, which is my own design, that I made today! So please, check it out and all the other designs! :)


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