Do you like to write?

And most importantly, do you like beards?

As you might have read my introduction, where I introduced myself, who I am and what I do, you also know that I run Ratemybeard all alone. And I thought I could, but now, when the site grows, I need some help. I need someone with a passion for beards and a good hand with words to write beard related articles for Ratemybeard. You will have your name in the article you write, you can have your picture, your basic info and links to your social media profiles.

So, what do I offer?
Well, Ratemybeard is not about money, and isn’t making any money at all. So you will be writing pro bono as a start. Although it is a great way for you to get your articles published. And If you include your social media profiles in the text, people can contact you.

What can you write about?
Everything beard related. For example, you have a great story about a thing that happened at a place when you were doing another thing… as long as it’s beard related. You can also write reviews of products you’ve tried. You can write a statement what you think about hipster, a long piece on how not to trim your beard with a trimmer, or how you think a bottle of shampoo is just as good as any beard oil. It’s up to you, as long as it’s about BEARDS!

How does it work?
You can use the form below to submit your article. You don’t need to add pictures, I can fix that if you like. And if you like more then two pictures, just re-submit the form adding two more. You add your name, email and article text. I will review it and get back to you asap when/if the article is published.

At the moment my economy doesn’t allow payments to be made, but I will strive to make that happen along the line.

All articles must be written in ENGLISH, how ever, if you feel more comfortable writing in another language, I can try to fix some kind of translation, better then Google of course. So, please get back to me asap, I would love to see what YOU have to offer. :)

Know someone who is a master at writing beard articles, send em this way, so please share, share and share this post to everyone you know!

Best regards
Andreas – Creator of

Remember, I will review the beard article before publish, and I decide if their going to be published or not. 

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  • Make sure you own the rights to post the picture in your article! This is optional, I can find a related picture if you want!
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