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logo-lgNow and then you stumble across something that touches your heart and soul. It doesn’t have to be handed to you, it doesn’t have to be something close to you and it doesn’t have to be about you, but non the less it leaves a reminder in your heart that you want to help. One of those things is Big Beard for a Baby.

Big Beards for a Baby is a sad, uplifting and happy story all together.
It involves the Barker family of 5 (currently) who want’s to adopt, miscarriage, and beards. Instead of my trying to re-tell their story I’m just gonna post the link to their site and their story, the best thing is to hear it straight from the source. Click here! if you want to read their story!

It’s were the beard come in that sparked my interest, mostly because “anything” beard related kinda catches my interest. What Big Beards for a Baby did is that they started a Beard-a-thon to raise money to pay the adoption fee’s. Anyone can be a “Beard Grower” and have their own little profile where they raise money by getting sponsors by growing their beard. There’s also the choice to be a sponsor, where you chose a beard grower and they donate money towards the Barker family adoption, through your selected beard grower.

The beard growing goes on for (at the moment) 178 days, 14 hours, 49 minutes!

Does it sound interesting and/or confusing?Β 
I know, I’m having a hard time covering all angels, but here’s a copy+paste from
We are starting a beard-a-thon, we don’t discriminate and so this is for the girls too! If you can grow a beard we want you to grow it for us! What that looks like is you volunteer for the beard-a-thon and you start growing that beard! Once you sign up we give you a welcome pack, you start looking for sponsors for your beard. The goal that we would give everyone would be to find 10 sponsors that would be willing to sponsor you for $10 per month for all six months! That would be a total donation of 60 per sponsor and a total of $600 per beard grower.

So here are the things that you can do to help us with the goal:

  1. Be a beard grower!
  2. Sponsor a Beard Grower!
  3. Pray with us for our baby.
  4. Follow us on twitter @beardsforababy andΒ InstagramΒ @bigbeardsforababy

I think it’s a very interesting project and I really think you should visit and read their story, and most of all, share their story. You don’t have to sponsor a grower, you can also just donate directly towards them without any fuzz.

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