The Honest Amish Beard Aid Kit

The Honest Amish Beard Aid Kit

The one who came up with the Beard Aid kit idea should get an award. It’s a really fun and different packaging approach and it looks great. It’s practical and I can bring it where ever I go, without taking to much space, but still include lot’s of products!

What I got in the Honest Amish Beard Aid kit was:

  • 1 beard and body soap
  • 1 unscented beard oil
  • 1 original beard wax
  • 1 beard balm
  • 1 Old Dutch lip balm
  • 1 stainless steel heavy duty beard comb

It’s a very good package and everything you’ll ever need in beard care on your trip. Let’s get things rolling, otherwise I’ll be talking about the little first (beard) aid kit bag all day!

Starting off with the oil, since it’s unscented, I’m only going to cover the basics of it. It’s a clear liquid and it contains Avocado oil, virgin pumpkin seed oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, golden jojoba oil, virgin argan oil and kukui oil. That’s a very nice mix of high quality oils and your beard will love you for using this. It comes in a 2 ounce bottle, which will last you at least 1 month. Great absorbtion and easy to wash off your hands. Great moisturizer that will keep your beard shiny and healthy and moist all day.

Second is the Honest Amish Original Beard Wax – and the name says it all. It’s their original product and this is where it all started. The beard wax is a hard wax and will allow a bit of beard styling as it sets. It got a light natural scent and it will fix your beard all day. It only contains natural ingredients which will keep your beard and skin healthy and big.

Seeing as the original beard wax is so hard, it will last you a good whole day and I didn’t have to re-apply at all during my work hours! Perfect if you have a busy day. Great wax!

The Honest Amish Beard Balm – This is a mighty fine balm, and is smells fantastic. It’s nutty, it’s fruity and it’s fresh – I do think I detect a hint of clove in there, and maybe some citrus/bergamot. Either way it’s really fresh and warm. The hold is a lot softer then the beard wax of course, but it will still go a long way of keeping your beard in place during your day!

As you might know, I love beard balms and I could try tons of them and not grow tired of it. This balm does the trick and I really enjoy using it, the texture is almost a little bit gritty, but it melts almost instantly in the palm of my hands and absorbs beautifully. My beard really enjoys this beard balm.

The Honest Amish Old Dutch lip Balm – Lip balms is something I don’t use very often, but this might be a game changer for me. A hint of mint, a hint of sweet and a cooling effect that’s perfect during the summer. A real winner! My lips are as soft as silk, and my girlfriend loves it. I might have to share this with he…. I might!

The Honest Amish Beard & Body soap – Wow, the scent on this is amazing. This is something you must have, specially during the long, cold and harsh winters. The clove scent will spice you up and warm your insides instantly. Not only will it clean your beard, but it will clear your sinuses as well. A strong, manly and rugged scent. My bathroom smell great of eucalyptus, cinnamon and clove, I love it! My beard feels cleaner then ever after using this. Fantastic!

Final words:
I think this might be the first complete beard care package I reviewed, and It left me so satisfied and happy. I love this, it’s a perfect gift, a perfect travel kit, a perfect everything! If you’re looking for a complete kit and don’t know what to buy, buy the Honest Amish Beard Aid kit, you wont regret it, I promise!

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