The latest “beard trend is dead” propaganda!

Again with trying to make us shave!

I few months ago it was the poo in the beard, we all remember that. It became huge and everyone was talking about it. I wrote a post both about the original poo beard article, and another about the shaving companies spreading false rumors to get us to shave. It’s no secret, razor blade sales have gone down, and the beard is bigger then ever. Why wouldn’t they try to get people to shave and make even more blood money!

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[pullquote align=left]
“The sun caressing my face, it’s amazing”
[/pullquote]Anyway, the latest in the ANTI BEARD PROPAGANDA is this video of a man in Israel, who shaves after 14 years with a beard. And yeah, I thought he would have a huge and super long beard wrapped around his ankles after 14 years, but instead it’s a neatly kept and short beard. It looks like a sunshine story, beautifully filmed, nice effects and it looks like a pretty big budget production. But what disturbed my tinfoil hat the most, was the little hints of a razor company throughout the video, and it ends with the brand presenting “The best razor bla bla bla”.

Ok, I get it. They want to make sales. But they are also scripted the poor man to say things like “I can finally feel the wind, and the sun.” – “The sun caressing my face, it’s amazing“. And his wife saying things like “It suits you“. His father beginning to cry and complementing him on the shave. Him saying “Maybe this is a new chapter in my life“. It would be fine, if it were sincere. But this is a straight up commercial, for the razor company to make money, to sugarcoat the horrors of shaving with a propaganda sunshine story.

I can feel the wind, and I have a full beard – I can feel the sun, and I have a full beard – It suits me, and I have a full beard. It’s a nice clip, don’t get me wrong, and some of the interactions and reactions might be real, but the outcome and purpose of the video is to make you shave… or wait, to buy their razor and then shave. Because, wouldn’t it be nice to finally feel the wind and the sun….. bullshit.

Every now and then the “Beard trend is over” stuff start popping up, and as quickly as it’s published, it’s also forgotten. The beard community is stronger then the shaving companies!

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments:


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