Tips on how to get votes!

A lot of times I see in the statistics that some beards get more visitors then other, that some beards get retweeted, shared and liked more then other. But still they have no or few votes. Thats why I’m gonna give some insider tips on how to get those votes and give you a greater chance on winning the beard products at the end of each month.

All your friends need to do is click that little Thumbs UP icon in the title and watch the vote change.
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  1.  Share the link to your picture, either by clicking one of the share buttons at the end of the post that looks like this:
  2. Copy the link to your beard, here’s an example:
  3. Upload a screenshot with a link on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr etc.
  4. Send the link to your friends on Facebook, either by posting it on your wall, in a group or sending the link to all of your friends by chat message.
  5. Mention celebrities, people with a lot of followers on Twitter, Instagram with a link to your Ratemybeard page.
  6. Ask beard related groups on Facebook or Instagram to share your Ratemybeard page link.
  7. Write it on your blog, homepage etc.
  8. Post the link on Reddit/r/beards for example.
  9. Email the link to your friends or mailing lists.
  10. Get your friends to share your Ratemybeard page on different sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, websites, groups etc.
  12. Share, Share, Share – Share the link to your post everywhere.

At the end of every month when the winner is announced, the votes are reset and it starts all over again, thats why it’s good to have those shares out on the web as it will generate traffic to your beard all the time.

Good luck and grow those beards, who knows, you might be the lucky winner who gets amazing beard products from Mr Bear Family next month.

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