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Ratemybeard beard picture upload!

Upload a picture of your beard and share the link to your friends, family, enemies, government and/or knitting group. The top rated beard every month wins awesome beard products. There will different prizes every month from different beard brands, thanks to Beardshop.se – Sweden’s biggest and best beard care store!

Upload your beard picture

How it works

Take a picture of yourself and your beard, or find a old one you like. Fill out the form below and select your picture. Hit upload and you’re done, from here it’s up to us to get your picture available to the public. When you hit that button and your beard is sent to us, we get an email saying that a new beard picture have been uploaded. Depending on the local time (Stockholm, Sweden) we will check you picture if it fits Ratemybeard.se (no nudity, no political views, no racism or hateful propaganda allowed). We will also check the rotation of the picture (sometimes WordPress turns pictures sideways). And if everything checks out, we will post your picture.

Posting your picture will make it appear here on the website, on Instagram (Ratemybeardse), Twitter (Ratemybeard) and Facebook (Ratemybeard) –  so be sure to follow us on our other social media channels. Sharing your picture and link to you picture on all of them will increase your chances to get more votes.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, or wants us to remove your picture, just contact us at info(a)ratemybeard.se and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to check back often and look for newly posted beards, articles, reviews and much more. We strive to make your stay as nice as possible and we love beards, really love beards, and seeing you here, we suspect you do as well! ;)