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I got two cans of Varsity Beard – Summer solstice beard balm in the mail the other day and today I finally got to try them out. I got one oil based on jojoba oil, and one based on Argan oil.  I absolutely love those natural scents the oil gives the balm, and the shine it gives my beard.

When I try out a new oil, balm or other product I always get my girlfriend to give it a good sniff, both before, in the can sniff, and after, in the beard sniff. I find that balms tend to kind of explode in smell once you rub it in your beard. Varsity beard – beard balm is no exception. As soon as I rubbed that balm in my palms, those jojoba/Argan scents exploded and filled my bathroom with an amazing smell. Anyway, these balms got the seal of scent approval from my quite picky girlfriend, and from me of course :)

I took a shower today and let my beard dry before using the balm, so I actually had a pretty serious case of shower beard, you know when the beard stands in all directions and make you look homeless’ish, yeah, shower beard…

I started by reading the letter Nick from Varsity beard sent me, I even got a nice little manual on how to do this. Even though I’m a beard balm/oil veteran, it still enjoy those instructions because, sometimes there might be a new trick I don’t know about.

This is how you should apply Varsity Beard Balm:

Scrape small amount out (preferably using the back of you thumbnail)
Rub into hands to warm/melt
Slap on beard
Style as required
Look BAD ASS!!!

hell yeah! that’s what I’m gonna do :)

I have this thing when I feel that my beard is thin and lifeless, so a good beard balm is important to me, because it makes my beard feel thick, lush and fuller. And shiny. Varsity beard balm does just that! it worked amazing and it still holds my beard together after a whole day of  activities.  I strongly recommend this to those of you with bushy and hard to control beards,  slapping on some beard balm in the morning and going by your day with an amazing looking beard is great.

Want to check out more info on Varsity Beard? Check out their website | Twitter for more info and ordering. You won’t regret it! :)



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