What kind of beard person are you?

What kind of beard person are you?

In recent years the Beard have become a thing, or it always have been a thing, but not for everyone. Just this last year more and more beard companies, beard groups, clubs and competitions have emerged, the beard have gotten a real upswing on social media as well. But who are these people, who are you, who am I?

I’m going to try explaining all the different kinds of beard people I have encountered, made friends with and seen around the internet. What do they do, what do they think, what’s their deal? For me, it’s kind of easy to spot these differences, specially since I’m a part of every one of them, being a reviewer, beard aficionado and a public figure in the beard community, I get to see many things, hear many things and experience a lot. That’s why I’m doing this little test, to let you try and figure out who you are, and what “click” you belong to. And yeah, don’t read to much into the results, it’s not very scientific or supposed to taken too seriously! :)

Read below, and post in the comments on which one you are!


You are in every beard competition you can find, you love the attention even tho you might not even win. Your mission is to be crowned number one in the world and you don’t mind stepping on some toes getting there. You take good pride in your beard, maintaining it, cares for it and uses only the best products available. You got (or try getting) sponsors that help you achieve your dreams of becoming the number one beard in the world, and/or you support your local beard club!

You are The competitor beard!


You are pretty new to the beard game, you do however got a pretty good follower base on Instagram, even tho only the last 100 of your 3000 photos is of you sporting a beard, the other 2900 are from before you became a man. You have recently discovered beard products, mostly local one, and you have never competed in a real beard competition. You are pretty sheltered from the “real” beard world and don’t know much about other brands, competition rules, beard related bands and/or events. You do however hang with the crowd of different Instagram beard clubs, and you hope one day to get featured on said beard club’s Instagram account.

You are The Instagram beard!


Awhile back you saw a beard care brand with a really nice logo and a cool sounding name, and you thought, what the heck, I’m going to try getting free stuff. You managed to talk your way into becoming a brand ambassador, and almost everyone of your posts include links, hashtags and mentions of said brand. Your pictures show you posing with their products selfie style, you completely pours praise down everyones feeds about this brand, how great it is, ow much you love it and how you use it everyday, even tho you probably have stocked a few other brands as well. You take great pride in being an ambassador and your company itself features your pictures on their social media, making you feel like a rockstar! Do you make any money? No, you do however get a great discount or some free stuff once in a while.

You are the Ambassador beard!


You own your own beard company, or are thinking of starting one. You are researching every little thing you can about carrier oils and their benefits, you look through your competitors ingredient lists, you hang around stalking some private Facebook groups. You ask other brands, what seems, innocent questions on things like dosage, pricing and customers, all with the hopes of getting one step closer to be able to make a living selling beard products. If you already do make a living on your brand, or have a well established brand, you like to hang around with others who have the same, you like to trade secrets and tips on making the perfect product, without letting go of too much information.

You are the Brand beard!


Wow, my 1 month stubble looks really good, and I look fantastic. I can’t imagine not growing a kickass beard like this before. Now I will become the envy of every man, woman and child, they will all love me. Women will throw their underwear at me and other men will look at me in awe. I don’t need beard products to make my beard look this awesome, it comes natural. And when I post a picture of it, along with showing my rock hard abs, everyone will think I’m the king in the beard community! SAID NO ONE EVER!

You are the Poser beard!


You hate everything that has to do with competitions, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. You think people who post beard selfies are weird and stupid. You think beard clubs and groups are overrated and dumb, you think everyone should just mind their own business and beard. Because that’s what you do, and screw beard products, just use motor oil and tree sap!

You are the Hate beard!


You are in every single beard group there is on Facebook, you follow all the major brands and shoutout pages on Instagram. You comment where ever you get the chance and you spend hours everyday looking for new stuff to get into. Your friends list on Facebook is almost full, you like 500+ pictures on Instagram a day and you almost comment on every single one of them! There’s no such thing as too many friends, too many beard groups, followers or tweets. You enjoy talking and making friends with everyone, even tho you probably never ever will meet them in real life!

You are the Social beard!


So, which one are you? Post a comment and tell me, or add your own!

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