Whisker Dam solves soggy moustache problems

What’s a Whisker Dam? You say! 


Well, a Whisker Dam is this small piece of copper that will save you lots of hassle when it comes to drinking stuff. IF you have a majestic moustache, you know how tedious it can be to drink stuff sometimes, wether it’s beer, coffee, milk or even water, there will be some wiping to do. Water is fine, as is any other clear liquid, they wont show, but it’s still annoying with a wet moustache. Milk, foamy drinks etc, are a bit more annoying. Not only will they leave your stache wet, but also with a coating of said beverage.

Whisker Dam solves this problem. This little life saver of some sort, wether it’s a novelty piece fit for a birthday present, wedding gift or just as a goof, it WILL come in handy. Being able to drink without the hassle of carrying around a bag full of napkins is priceless. In this case the price is 20 USD over at whiskerdam.com!

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Whisker Dam

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