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Do you have a magnificent beard? Or do you know someone who has?
Who knows, you might just love beards and want to sit and enjoy them!

Then this site is the perfect site for you. You can upload a picture of your face fuzz, a friends etc and get other people to vote for it. None of the pictures uploaded will be used for purposes other then this site. So tell your friends, tell your enemies, well tell everyone to come here and vote, enjoy and look at beautiful beards. Because at the end of every month, the beard with the most/highest votes wins amazing beard care products from Mr Bear Family

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7 months growing. Got the beard and mo to Circus Ringmaster level complete with waxed mo. Got sick of the mo so long and clipped it neat but keeping the beard growing as long as possible. No beard, no good!


@aitchy29 : Rate my beard all the way from Afghanistan !


@redviking_82 : Making great progress with the beard now.


Worth persevering with? Don’t get great cheek coverage!


Beard originally grown for a part as an extra in a feature film – but once filming ended I just wanted to keep it


@USpenisA: I promised everyone no more selfies… But then I found this hat lol


I’ve been growing this (with a few trims in between) for about 7 months. My beard is my baby and I could never dream of shaving it off now.


I drank some #Marshwoodvalecider and the next day this amazing beard grew


This is me in Raleigh, NC this past weekend after I won 2nd Place Natural Stache and Partial Beard.


I discovered a serious perk of having a beard. I can be a seagull.
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