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Do you have a magnificent beard? Or do you know someone who has? Who knows, you might just love beards and want to sit and enjoy them!

Then this site is the perfect site for you. You can upload a picture of your face fuzz, a friends etc and get other people to vote for it. None of the pictures uploaded will be used for purposes other then this site. So tell your friends, tell your enemies, well tell everyone to come here and vote, enjoy and look at beautiful beards. Because at the end of every month, the beard with the most/highest votes wins amazing beard care products from Mr Bear Family

You can link to your Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or whatever in the description box when uploading your photo. Who knows, it might yield more followers for you.



Have not touched it in 9 months and don’t plan on touching it again. It’s red and awesome. Chicks dig...


Today is my Tweard anniversary Nov. 22, 2014 on my journey to terminal length.


About to hit my yeard and it s finally starting to really shape up especially the mo! That’s my instagram name btw don’t have twitter or anything else lol. Beard on. Apologies for shitty quality...


Definitely been growing for over a year. Trimming and maintaining at this point, but now growing out the ‘stash! Follow @n3tnut on...


@Drewprice1990 told needed glasses today so first beard and glasses selfie


Got a fresh cut straight out of the salon bitch.


You can almost feel how tired I am by looking at this picture. The weekend couldn’t come sooner, and I really need some sleep...


I tried fixing my mustache, I think I did OK :) What do you think?


Newly concocted “Strongarm Balm” is still holding up well! Winner!


Some Say I’m Vain… My Beard Says Kiss My Ass


Heading off for my audition wish me luck guys!


Keen grower for a few years now, giving it all the care it needs and keeping it trim around 10cm long now. Lovely...


This Beard is now 12mths old because I shaved to raise money for Breast cancer awareness! Raised...


Picture taken just a week ago at a friends wedding in Cancun, Mexico.


My beard used to be soft and manageable but now as its growing long it’s coarse and conditioner is not making it any better...


grown from scratch not bought from stick on Dyed and dyed again and it still feels like public...


Took this pic this past weekend. I’m trying to let my beard grow out. I’d like it a little bit longer. And yes, I’m A Harry Potter...
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