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Do you have a magnificent beard? Or do you know someone who has?
Who knows, you might just love beards and want to sit and enjoy them!

Then this site is the perfect site for you. You can upload a picture of your face fuzz, a friends etc and get other people to vote for it. None of the pictures uploaded will be used for purposes other then this site. So tell your friends, tell your enemies, well tell everyone to come here and vote, enjoy and look at beautiful beards. Because at the end of every month, the beard with the most/highest votes wins amazing beard care products from Mr Bear Family

You can link to your Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or whatever in the description box when uploading your photo. Who knows, it might yield more followers for you.

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I am usually shave beard once a year, but this year i will not do!

BennettRobert @devonhedger10

I started growing my beard, to see if I could grow the beard-brands yeard (year long beard) and now I just look so good that it’s going to say for a long time me thinks :)


Waiting to Barber should fix some of my beard.

rec79 on Instagram

I haven’t shave for many years but I started growing my beard long last fall when I was waiting for my twin children to be born. The long beard didn’t look too good on me so I decided to trim it down and keep the moustasch long.

mrmustasch88 on Instagram

Started growing my beards 6 weeks ago. And my lovely stache is around 6 months @mrmustasch88 on instagram


I have a beard…be a love and rate it for us, cheers.


Started growing it last July when I turned 40. Since then I have trimmed it a few times & been on National TV with it (‘This Morning’ in UK with Phil & Holly)


@TatRel958 Me and my brother from another mother.


@CardiffBeardy Photo by: @SugarBoxStudios -


It’s name is Carl the Groundskeeper AKA Bill Murray.


My moustache hairs keep getting little breaks in them. Any tips? I’ve tried oil and conditioner to not avail. Help me and my poor beard, pleeeeease!


Amazing how a fresh haircut can make the beard pop.


My beard is going on 8 months. It’s super curly if it was straight it would be 4-5 inches longer


The blackest of black with slips of silver on this Scotsman in SF.


This is my second time at growing my beard since I left the RAF just over a year ago. This time it’s here to stay!


The beard soaking up the sun in Spain….


Visit and vote for @j_horne236


Started growing it since I was 17, not regretted it since


@MrRDK: Stick this in your pipe and smoke it!
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