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Do you have a magnificent beard? Or do you know someone who has? Who knows, you might just love beards and want to sit and enjoy them!

Then this site is the perfect site for you. You can upload a picture of your face fuzz, a friends etc and get other people to vote for it. None of the pictures uploaded will be used for purposes other then this site. So tell your friends, tell your enemies, well tell everyone to come here and vote, enjoy and look at beautiful beards. Because at the end of every month, the beard with the most/highest votes wins amazing beard care products from Mr Bear Family

You can link to your Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or whatever in the description box when uploading your photo. Who knows, it might yield more followers for you.

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Fishing and hunting in Washington.


Beardo – Defender of beards and bewbs!


Been growing for almost 12 months now, despite a “goatee reset” at Christmas, leaving the chin part longer than the rest as I grew it back...


Just hit my yeard at the beginning of September and going strong!!!...


My beard has quickly become a part of my description, and not a single person within my circle goes without admiring it. The beard is manicured on a daily basis in order to ensure it’s texture, shape, and overall look are nothing less than perfect. For the...


@gups: I went over to the universe where everyone is the opposite ethnicity, what do you think of white...


So, I’m thinking deep thoughts here, such as, “I wonder if this pic will help me win on...


Elevator picture! More pics at


Regularly survives the grip of my one year old as she dozes off.


Me and my beautiful beard loving girlfriend :) More pics at...


Laser hair removal specialists. They are the real terrorists.


This is my stag do benidorm beard. Viva la beards!


I’ve been growing my beard for about 2 years, been trimming it now and then just to make it look neat and tidy. Follow me on for more pictures!...


I have had some form of facial hair most of my adult life. I have been growing this full beard for about 9...
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