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Do you have a magnificent beard? Or do you know someone who has? Who knows, you might just love beards and want to sit and enjoy them!

Then this site is the perfect site for you. You can upload a picture of your face fuzz, a friends etc and get other people to vote for it. None of the pictures uploaded will be used for purposes other then this site. So tell your friends, tell your enemies, well tell everyone to come here and vote, enjoy and look at beautiful beards. Because at the end of every month, the beard with the most/highest votes wins amazing beard care products from Mr Bear Family

You can link to your Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or whatever in the description box when uploading your photo. Who knows, it might yield more followers for you.

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@marriedwithc: Freshly groomed by Darren at Southgate Barbers Drogheda. Thanks.


I’m a single guy in upstate New York. Anarchism, gardening, reading, and music are my fortes. I’m 365in2014 on Instagram. See ya...


After plus than a year I decided to go to a famous Italian barbershop in Milan (#hirobarbershop) to take care of my beard, before that day I was the only man who had ever trimmed and adjusted my beard, and only with scissors, my hands and a mirror. My beard is part of...


@LordSparky: Boss’s mrs got all excited after his sharp haircut today thinks it enhances the...


Nothing like starting the with a good beard


6 months later and the beard is taking over. I love it.


Started as a no shave contest between friends now I really like my beard and won’t shave it. Its been about 3months and 16days...


Haven’t seen my chin or my neck in over a year!


Free grooming service from my little man.


My Beard..Reflect My Manly Personality ! I can’t live and imagine myself without it, I also Inspired a lot of guys to take care of their beards and they really now had one of the greatest beards in the City !...


6 weeks into the beard growth. Why didn’t I get involved sooner?!


Started growing on the 31st of May. Best decision I ever made.


My bese have only two months ago. And anybody can love it. I love it. Its enough? I feel like a real...


@Adamwalker83: Love this shot by @IAreDom a while back in Manchester


I’ve been growing it for about 10 weeks and I love it! The attention you get out on the town from women is very strange! Most certainly going to keep it going! Ideally to a 5 inch...


@mcalverley8: @RateMyBeard thanks for the follow. Love what you’re doing here. Maybe share the blog?...
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