End of a dream

Back in 2013-2014 I had a dream, a calling if you will, to start a website to bring bearded, and beard loving people together from around the world. And in a sense I did do it with this website. We had contests and giveaways on a regular basis, hundreds of beard care product reviews and over 2500 user submitted beard photos.

It wasn’t without some blood, sweat and tears tho. Because even tho most people behaved, we did have quite some issues with trolls uploading bad photos, we had the website going down on multiple occasions due to ill behaving people. But most of the times, I had such a amazing time running Ratemybeard.se, so many new friends, so many visitors and so much good feedback.

However, since a few months the website broke and I lost access to it. Before that I had removed all user submitted photos, due to people wanting me to remove their photos now and then. Today I got back access to the website, but it was broken and I was forced to reset it to 0. I still have all the posts like reviews etc, but all content such as photos are gone unfortunately.

What will happen to Ratemybeard now? Well, I don’t really know. Maybe I’ll do something beard related with it again, or maybe I’ll use it for something else.

I want to thank you all who supported Ratemybeard over the years, and all the fun memories I have from running it.

Here’s a short timeline of Ratemybeard thanks to the Internet Archive. Unfortunately some of the images didn’t work, but Ratemybeard changed its looks a few times over the years.

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